AY2019 Presentation about Research Findings

Inaugural students in the Tokyo Tech Academy for Convergence of Materials and Informatics (TAC-MI) presented their research findings in Ookayama Campus on June 28, 2019.

New TAC-MI students enrolled in spring 2019

At the June event, twenty master’s and doctoral students who enrolled as TAC-MI students in spring 2019 presented their research to an audience of approximately 70 TAC-MI program staff members, students, and engineers of TAC-MI member companies. The presentations resulted in an active exchange of opinions between TAC-MI students and industrial collaborators regarding current research and future possibilities realized by combining materials and information.

Oral presentations

In the first half of the event, nine doctoral students in TAC-MI gave short oral presentations. After brief opening words from Takeo Yamaguchi, the director of TAC-MI, the presentations kicked off under the guidance of associate director Taro Hitosugi, who chaired the session. Following each talk, the students received challenging but positive questions from the audience, making the most of this opportunity to present their research findings to an audience from industry.

Oral presentation session

Poster session

In the second half of the event, all 20 master’s and doctoral students participated in a poster presentation. TAC-MI’s industrial collaborators and program staff members examined each poster carefully, actively and openly having opinion exchanges with the students.

Poster session

For many of the students, this event was somewhat different from conventional research findings presentations. Industrial collaborators listened student’s presentation intently because those are treated to high-quality presentations, some of whom reported on studies made possible through the Lab Rotation* system that TAC-MI incorporates. Feedback from the company participants was very positive, with many praising the students for their presentation abilities, active personalities, and the level of difficulty in their research.

*Lab Rotation

Independent research project on materials or information science. Students participate in two-week laboratory rotations in which those who specialize in materials science study at an information science laboratory, while students who specialize in information science study at a materials science laboratory.

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